Secure Warehouse:

The main warehouse based in Santa Ana, California which is over 100,000 SF with full surveillance cameras coverage and 24/7 security guards. We also have cooperated warehouse on the east coast and central stats of USA.

Freight Forward:

We cooperate with experienced and reputable 3rd party freight forward includes Apex Logistics, Unicargo Express. We also have a good relationship with DHL which can deliver to anywhere worldwide in days.


We can customize the order for the clients, no matter the client wants to split the order, combine them or deliver to different addresses, our warehouse and freight forwarders can do it.


We provide the price quote to the clients based on the brands they want. Also, We will track and update the order status during the preparation. We follow up with the warehouse and freight forward to make sure each order is received and delivered correctly. If anything goes wrong we will help our clients to solve the problem with our best.